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How it Works

Invested Funds In

Funds are placed into our regulated broker’s platform. Portfolio selection is made by the individual Money Manager, in accordance with their client’s risk appetite, and funds are allocated accordingly.

Strategy Execution

Our automated and algorithmic software trades the invested funds in the financial markets, within the agreed boundaries of the portfolios. The system trades the FX, indices and commodities markets.

Return on Investment

We offer a variety of investment terms within each Portfolio, with monthly updates on performance, delivered to the individual Money Manager’s investment portal.

Other Services

Automated Systems

We automate profitable strategies adding risk control and distributed execution algorithms to reduce market volatility. Our automated strategies are then thoroughly tested and benchmarked on factors such as profit factor, drawdown, and risk of ruin.

Trading Signals

We provide institutional clients' high quality technical trade setups on a range of futures and FX markets. If you're looking to retain control of your own executions we can give you the low risk high reward setups to make profits for your clients' funds.

Stress Testing

We can evaluate and test strategies to ensure they will perform over varying market conditions ensuring you don't waste precious time and money. We fully interrogate the results and perform multiple stress testing scenarios to ensure they stand up to what the markets can throw at them.

Algorithm Development

We design and develop order execution algorithms to place scalable market orders ensuring low volatility and tight entries. Our systems can be used to complement your own strategies and scale order flow or replace non effective order models with a tried and tested scalable order entry solution.

Scalable Fund Strategies

Our automated solutions are ideal for regulated (UCITS) and private investment funds. Designed to return double figures annually with funds and AUM in excess of £100 million. We produce scalable systems for trading Options, Futures, FX and most major Equities.

Risk Defined Portfolios

Our algorithmic range of portfolios are designed with a proprietary set of risk controls allowing us to deliver a stable and robust investment environment.

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