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As one of the leading Algorithmic Trading Software companies in the UK, Trading Automation makes great effort to deliver an accessible and successful automated trading system that strives to exceed market expectations.
Our dedicated Press team are available to provide assistance to journalists so please contact the press office for a chat.

Our Role: We are here to facilitate media with press interviews, and industry comment on this exciting and fast paced sector. We automate profitable strategies adding risk control and distributed execution algorithms to reduce market volatility. Our automated strategies are then thoroughly tested and benchmarked on factors such as profit factor, drawdown, and risk of ruin.

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If you are a journalist and have a query and would like to speak to a member of the press office team, then you can either call us on +(44) 01202 232258 or drop us an email at media@tradingautomation.co.uk.

Please note this is strictly for journalist enquiries only. The Press Office is operational Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm (except for UK public holidays).
Please note sponsorship and charity enquiries are not dealt with by the Press Office.
For all other enquiries please use the numbers listed on our Contact US page

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